2020智慧树(知到)《Introduction to Psychology 趣味心理学》答案_单元答案_期末答案_知到智慧树答案

2020智慧树(知到)《Introduction to Psychology 趣味心理学》答案_单元答案_期末答案_知到智慧树答案 - 2020智慧树(知到)答案 - 课查查

The idea that human behavior is governed by a physical component and a non physical (i.e., spiritual) component is referred to as ____________.
What does Luigi Galvani's research with applied electrical currents suggest?
Who is credited with the development of Cartesian Dualism?
What philosophical view of human behavior is best supported by the work of Paul Broca?
According to materialism, what is the cause of human behaviour?
Determining whether something is true or false by observing it through experimentation is called _____________.
What was William James main contribution to the field of Psychology?
Who is recognized as being the first psychologist?
Introspection is a technique wherein a person reflects upon and reports their personal experience. Early scientists criticized this technique because it was ____________.
According to Freud, psychological problems arise from conflict between the __________ and the ________.
According to Freud, what is the part of our psyche that is instinctually driven by our basic needs, wants and desires?
According to Freud, what is the part of the psyche that attempts to balance immediate gratification and societal norms?
What is the best way to describe Freuds approach to psychology?
According to Freud, what is the part of our psyche that is most interested in maintaining societal norms and decency?
What is the branch of psychology called where researchers study how groups work together and people interact with each other?
Which part of the scientific process is observational research best suited for?
If the amount of time a student spent studying was positively correlated with grades achieved, what would we expect to see if someone had low grades?
A positive correlation between two variables means that as _______.
A scatter plot that shows a trend line that travels down to the right would demonstrate what type of correlation?
What does SR stand for in behavioral psychology?
What did the Little Albert Experiment tell us about the relation between stimuli and responses?
Why does cognitive psychology consider the computer to be good analogy of the human brain?
What practice makes psychology a science rather than just a collection of ideas and arguments?
A t-test is a ratio of ___________ to ___________.
A t-test is an example of __________ statistics.
The upper curves of the brain are called ______________, while the deep grooves are called ________________.
What is the order of neuron structures from receiving information, processing information and sending information?
Why does the surface of the brain contain folds?
Constricting pupils, stimulated digestive and salivation activity and constricting lungs are due to the activation of the _________________ system.
The peripheral nervous system links the brain to the _________.
Why is the brainstem considered to be a reptilian system?
Damage to which structure of the brain would result in deficits in motor learning and the production of uncoordinated movements?
What impairment would you expect to see in an individual with damage to their primary visual cortex?
What is the process called in which the brain organizes and interprets visual information?
Seeing a small, red, shiny object is known as ______________, whereas knowing this object is an apple is known as _____________.
An individual who is unable to understand speech would most likely have damage to which area in the temporal lobe?
What is the primary role of the temporal lobe?
What is the term that refers to knowledge of where a persons body parts are located in space?
Why is more cortical tissue in the somatosensory cortex devoted to the lips than to the elbows?
What is the term used to describe the inability to switch strategies following damage to the frontal lobes?
What is the primary role of the frontal lobes?
Severing what brain structure results in split brain syndrome?
What is the raw input of information or signals from the environment called?
What cells in the eye are responsible for edge detection?
What photoreceptors of the eyes react to lots of light or color?
We are able to sense ________.
Cones are more common at the ______ of the eye whereas rods are more common in the ________.
Understanding how visual elements group together was a major focus of those studying __________ psychology.
When we look at some visual scene, what we tend to consciously see ___________.
At what age do children begin to develop a Theory of Mind?
What is the capacity to evaluate ourselves and our actions from the perspective of another person called?
If genetics is playing a strong role in the production of a behaviour, then we would expect identical twins to have ________ concordance on measures of that behaviour.
What is the evolutionary process wherein beneficial traits that promote survival are passed down from parent to child called?
According to behaviourists, the grasping reflex in human babies and the imprinting behaviours in baby ducks are both examples of _________ behaviours.
What is the inhibition of inappropriate natural responses to a stimulus after repeated exposures called?
If, after doing many conditioning trials, a researcher presents the conditioned stimulus but DOES NOT follow it with the unconditioned stimulus, the research is likely examining _______.
The grasping, stepping and crawling reflexes all illustrate that some behaviours ___________.
Through observational learning children will often ________ the negative behaviours they see around them.
Albert Banduras research on observational learning in children showed that when a child sees another child hit a Bobo doll, he or she was more likely to _________ the doll.
What is the component of working memory that is used to solve problems?
What memory system is most closely related to our conscious experience of the world?
Existing memories can be used as ___________ cues to help you remember new information.
In terms of memory, what is primary the problem with using eye-witness testimony as evidence in legal cases?
When some bit of information is encountered across repeated but different contexts, that information ultimately resides in _________.
"Memory" should best be thought of as a __________.
Learning a new skill, such as tying a shoe lace, is an example of what type of memory?
What is the term for a person who pretends to be a participant in an experiment, but is actually working with the experimenters?
What did the "Milgram" experiment, in which participants were asked to inflict electrical shocks on other participants, tell us about the influence authority can have on the average person?
A person who claims that a negative personal event is the result of their situation or other people's behavior is demonstrating a(n) __________ locus of control.
What hypothesis asserts that good things happens to good people and bad things happen to bad people?
Ash provided several experiments showing that people will agree with others even when they know those others are wrong.  This sort of behaviour is called __________.
One of the negatives of the human tendency to conform is that _______.
Participants in Milgram's experiments on authority believed they were ___________.
On average, a man will perceive women as more attractive when theirs waists are _______ tenths the size of their hips.
On average, a person will find another person more attractive if the other person has _________ pupils.
A major recent conceptual shift between the DSM-IV and the DSM-V is that the diagnosis of mental disorders is now regarded more as a ______________ and less of a ______________.
When talking about mental disorders, what is the primary caution that Steve has repeatedly made?
What is multiple personality disorder now called?
A person with a mental disorder that causes them to constantly think that there shoe lace is coming untied, and therefore continually bends down to check their shoe laces likely has what disorder?
What has a person experienced if he or she can't remember anything about their life and, thus, starts an entirely new life -- only to have the original memories return several years later?
What class of mental disorders are pregnant women particularly susceptible to?
What mental disorder is characterized by extreme emotional highs followed by extreme emotional lows?
What type of schizophrenia causes the person to become rigid and unable to move?
In schizophrenia, what is the term for the symptoms, such as auditory hallucinations, that cause the addition of non-existent information to a person's perception of the world?
What is the common term for the most extreme version of a person with anti-social personality disorder?
Freud's practice of psychoanalysis is an example of what type of therapy?
What type of psychological therapy does not direct the patient, but instead provides help and support to the patient, with the goal of letting the patient help themselves?
What type of therapy would most likely be used for a person trying to overcome a fear of heights?
Theory of mind refers to the ability to know what someone else is:
Client-centered therapy is one example of a(n) _________ therapy.